Non-Chemical Radiation-Free Computers

Our users include:
The US National Institute of Health, The US Census Bureau, The US Department of Commerce, The United Nations, The Province of Quebec, The US Forest Service, The State of Massachusetts, Bankers Trust, MIT, John Hancock Insurance , John Hancock Retired Long Term Care, Miami Dade College, Waste Management, NASA, The National Bank of Canada

Other users include optometrists, physicians, accountants, attorneys, concerned parents and anybody who feels it is unwise to sit in front of the extremely high voltages of LCDs unless they are certified to 0.0 milligauss. 

Shouldn’t you use a Zero Radiation LCD Display?

Here’s what physicians say about magnetic radiation:
“As good as any other luxury monitor on the market, but the added peace of mind it brings makes it the clear choice.” -John Anderson, M.D.

“I wouldn’t be caught dead with any other monitor. As a parent I’ve already made adjustments so that my children use these radiation free monitors with their computers. I urge all parents to do the same.” -Laurence Dworet, M.D.

“I think people who use VDTs should be protected by reduction in emissions.” -Lincoln D. Russin, M.D.  Chairman, Department of Radiology

Many people think LCDs have no emissions.   This is not true.  The fluorescent-tube backlight in LCDs uses transformers which run at extremely high voltages (similar to CRTs) and create strong magnetic fields.  Our special line of Zero Radiation LCDs is doctor-recommended and is certified to have 0.0 electromagnetic ELF fields at operating distance.

Time Magazine writes: “…children exposed to 3 milligauss showed a fourfold increase in the risk of leukemia.”  Radiation is linked to cancer, leukemia, headaches, fatigue, cataracts, miscarriages and birth defects.  The US EPA recommends “prudent avoidance.”  In August of 2001, the International Agency for Research on Cancer unanimously concluded that magnetic fields are carcinogens in the same class as DDT and lead.  Scientists from the US, UK and 8 other countries “all agreed,” said Dr. Larry Anderson.  Magnetic fields were also linked in June of 2001 to a six fold increase in miscarriages, by the Kaiser Permanente’s research division. 

The LCDs are the ultimate fashion statement!  Their futuristic design is only one to two inches deep, which saves space.  The LCDs are available in the following sizes: 15”, 17”, 19”, 20" and beyond!
The LCDs are compatible with all computers, including IBM PC, Dell, Gateway, HP, Sony, Toshiba, Apple/Mac, etc.

Our company has been featured in:
The Boston Globe, the Chicago Sun Times, the Washington Post, Business Week, Newsweek Magazine, the Boston Business Journal, UPI, NBC radio, Good Morning America, USA Tonight, Glamour Magazine, PC Week Magazine, Lotus Magazine, CompuServe Magazine (“Averting Desktop Chernobyl”), Adweek’s Computer Magazine (cover story: Are VDT’s safe?), Marketing Computers Magazine (cover story: “Caught in the crossfire”), and CNN Business News.

Order with Confidence:
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3 year warranty


LCDs do not waste space around the edges and because of that a 15-inch LCD is the equivalent of a 17-inch CRT.  A 17-inch LCD is the equivalent of 19 inch CRT.  And an 18.1-inch LCD is the equivalent of a 21-inch CRT!
The computer industry certifies LCDs and CRTs with either the TCO standard (2.0 milligauss) or the MPR standard (2.5 milligauss).  Most experts suggest avoiding fields exceeding 1.0 to 2.0 milligauss.  We certify our LCDs at 0.0 milligauss, giving you complete peace of mind.

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